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YAML FrontMatter

YAML is a flexible, data-oriented language that is mostly used to write configuration files.

YAML FrontMatter is an optional section of YAML code on top of Markdown files to maintain metadata for a page and its contents.

The word Frontmatter comes from the term for the pages that precede the main text of a book, such as the title page and preface.

Profile Data in YAML Frontmatter

The profile cards you see on our org website's team page come from:

➡️ YAML frontmatter that is rendered

➡️ By a Vue component from

➡️ Inside a Markdown file that is parsed

➡️ By the Nuxt framework's content module.

But don't worry, you won't have to understand Nuxt or write Vue code to add your profile card

We've configured the website so that simply adding your profile to the YAML frontmatter can render your profile card on the website!


Nuxt Content Vue Component

Action Items

✅ Create your profile data model

You can find your avatar link by clicking 'Copy Image Address' after right clicking on your Github or Gitlab profile picture.

✅ Find your subgroup


If you are core staff for the organisation, please write your role as discussed with the President under the position field in the data model.


If you are volunteering for the organisation, please write your role or the project you're working on under the position field in the data model.

University Apprentices

If you are a university apprentice, find your university's page under the /content/en/team/university-apprentices folder and add your profile under your cohort of interns.

Open Source Explorers

If you're new to open source development and you would like to make a contribution to leave your mark on the open source world, our explorers file is your perfect chance!